Fun/Science facts, stories, and things that you did'nt know!!

  • Woman Gets Tossed into the Air After Getting Gored by Elephant

    This woman was just on vacation helping clean this elephant when it went crazy and tried to kill her.

  • Short Dudes Picks Fight With Much Bigger Dude After He Ate All His Poptarts

    Those must have been some very important poptarts! I love the guy's filming reaction to all of this.


  • ISIS Suicide Bomber Accidentally Blows Himself Up (GRAPHIC)

    That was brutal. If I hope these guys never stop filming the action. Every video I have been seeing lately is them getting their shit shoved.
    Footage filmed in Raqqa’s war zone has captured the moment a suicide bomber accidentally detonated his suicide vest, blowing himself up just yards from a group of Syrian rebel soldiers.

    Video below!!

  • Mexican Police Gun Down Cartel Leader “El H2” From a Helicopter With A Minigun

    Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez, head of the infamous Beltrán Leyva cartel, was assassinated by the military along with seven accomplices during the dramatic midnight raid. Shocked witnesses captured the scene on camera, showing the enormous aircraft hovering above Sanchez’s compound in the city of Tepic in the west of the country. Suddenly it unleashes a burst of ferocious gunfire into the building which lights up the night sky before jetting away.
    This is one picture of the aftermath:

    Here is the video:

  • Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally reach agreement for blockbuster billion dollar Las Vegas mega fight

    CONOR McGREGOR and Floyd Mayweather have finally reached a multi-million dollar deal to fight, The Sun has learned.
    After months of intense negotiations, representatives for The Notorious have thrashed out a money-spinning contract with ‘Money’ Mayweather’s camp in recent days.
    Although the bombshell agreement is yet to be formally signed because of a third party hold-up, it means the 28-year-old Crumlin brawler will go toe-to-toe with the undefeated 39-year-old boxing great.

    And we can now reveal that the MMA sensation pulled out of a scheduled meet-and-greet event in Dublin this week to go to the States to make an anti-bullying video for schoolchildren.
    McGregor will shoot the video as part of a deal struck with the Nevada Sport Commission after he was deemed to have thrown a bottle of water at Nate Diaz.
    He will also use the opportunity to finalise details with his representatives in las Vegas as the blockbuster Mayweather fight inches closer.

    Floyd Mayweather’s camp have agreed to a fight

    In a previous live interview event in Manchester, the Notorious revealed that he would be jetting out to Vegas to settle his score with the Nevada Sport Commission.
    He said: “There’s a lot of business to do out in Las Vegas. They tried to fine me $150,000 for throwing a bottle of water. It was a can but whatever. We’ll call it a bottle of water and say no more about it…

  • Cinema Dude Finds Cucumber After Screening Of '50 Shades Darker'

    In a good example of either banter or great PR (or both, probably great PR though) a cucumber has been found in a Sydney cinema after a screening of 50 Shades Darker.

     The Facebook page for Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace shared the image of an employee holding out the fruit amongst empty seats.

    "That awkward moment when you find a cucumber in the cinema after a Fifty Shades session," the page wrote. Regardless of the cinema's ploy to get themselves in the news, this gaffe was worth it enough for the comments and responses from the general public. Someone people joked about the fact the employee wasn't wearing "protection".

    Others questioned why they decided to even hold the cucumber. the cinema said it was because the "lights were still down." The employee added that they weren't too happy picking up the thing, even if it meant entertaining the social media masses.

    "When you Google 'regret', it's now the first image that comes up," the cinema wrote. "It's probably innocent, some old lady making cucumber sandwiches to save money," they continued. "Cucumber sandwiches anyone? On us!" Not everyone has a loved one to spend February 14th with, and I suppose this post serves as consolation for those single types. Thanks guys.

  • Did you know that а prisoner on the run showed his photo on FB and…

    When police grants you home leave visits and you take it as a chance to kiss goodbye you jail cell, the best thing to do is to lay low. Instead, a 23 year old idiot decided to go partying at his favorite nightclub. Thus, evidence for his actions appeared later on the social giant Facebook.

    The 23 year old Michael McInnes was arrested back in 2010 and charged with the attempted murder of Kevin McNee. He was sentenced to 6 years behind bars, but received passes for home leave visits. The guy saw the pass as a way out and hit the road. While on the run, he decided to make a stop at his favorite club. He appeared in pictures on Facebook, which show that McInnes was clearly having fun with his friends. He was tagged on the photographs and that’s probably how the police stumbled upon them.
    The escaped inmate is described as being 6 feet tall with a star tattoo on his neck and short brown hair. The police are turning towards the masses and are asking anyone with information about McInnes to call 101.

  • Did you know that once convicts sued a jail because it didn’t live up to their high…

    Usually when convicts are sent to jail, they are the one who are being sued, not the other way around. However, in a queer and absolutely ridiculous case the situation has been reversed.

    Allegedly three inmates filed a lawsuit against the Camden County jail in Georgia and its jailers. Ray Anthony Marsh Jr., Anthony Leroy White Sr. and Elliot Leon Williamson stated that the jail didn’t live up to their expectations. According to the criminals, the prison lacked enough staff in order to maintain the jail properly. Thus, fighting among inmates had been occurring frequently. Furthermore, they complained that instead of medical professionals, jailers were in charge of medications.
    But that’s not all! The three convicts also demanded that the jail shouldn’t be overcrowded, since it led to poor quality meals and other inconveniences such as short supplies of soap and toilet paper. The trio probably had some mental problems for filing such a lawsuit. After all, prison conditions are supposed to be awful. But the convicts probably thought they were going on a vacation at a 5-star hotel.

  • Did You Know That Most Babies Are Born With Blue Eyes But Exposure To Ultraviolet Light And…

    Most babies are born with blue eyes but just 1 in 5 people with Caucasian characteristics in the USA have blue eyes. How is this possible?
    The change of blue into brown or hazel color is due to the amount of melanin in our bodies. Melanin is a pigment that affects the color of our eyes, skin and hair. If you have more melanin your eyes, hair and skin will be darker. Thus, if there is a small amount of melanin in the irises of your eyes, they will be blue. A medium amount makes the eyes look hazel or green while a large amount of the pigment turns them brown.

    Newborn babies don’t have the entire amount of melanin they are going to have once they grow up. This means that the eyes’ color is subjected to changes until the child reaches two years of age. During this period the amount of melanin builds up and changes. In addition, exposure to ultraviolet light also affects the color of the eyes

  • Serial Killer Quote Of The Day

    One side of me says, ‘I’d like to talk to her, date her.’ The other side of me says, ‘I wonder how her head would look on a stick?’
    — Edmund Kemper (The Co-Ed Killer murdered his grandparents at age 15. He was released from the juvenile facility to his mother’s care, and convinced psychologists that he was well. He then went on to murder at least 10 hitch hikers. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole.)

  • Did You Know That You Can Actually Smell Fear Because …..

    A new scientific research suggests people can actually smell fear as sensory cells learn to associate certain aromas with it. This way you can feel scared just by smelling something even though the message why you should be scared has not yet reached your brain.

    A research team of scientists from Rutgers University in New Jersey found out that the sense of smell gets much more active when you are scared. This way whatever smell you detect when feeling frightened gets imprinted in your memory so next time you sense the same kind of smell the fear will return. Experts explain this phenomena with the fact that the olfactory nerve, responsible for sending messages from the nostrils to the brain, is situated just next to the areas linked to emotional memory.
    Another example of how the olfactory nerve works is the fact that when you sense the perfume or other smell that reminds you of a loved one, you would immediately think of them even if you haven’t seen them for a long time.
    Scientists suggest the new finding could be quite useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder where attacks are often triggered by senses.

  • Did you know that a man found a dead friend, stole artwork from his house and…

    Somewhere in July this year Hiram Noel Mendez, a man from Cortlandt Manor, New York, went to visit a friend, but found out the host was dead. The man called 911, but after five long months of investigations it finally became clear that he indulged himself by robbing the late man’s house before reporting the case.

    Ronald Cutrone, the late friend, had died in his home in Lake Peekskill. According to reports, he had been an artist, which had made his home desirable not only to common thieves, but apparently to so called friends, too. After realizing Cutrone was dead, Mendez took some artworks. When the police finally learned the truth, Mendez got arrested and charged with petty larceny. Reports from the toxicology tests state that Cutrone’s death wasn’t suspicious, but there’s still no lead on the cause of the man’s death.
    Who knows, maybe they’ll figure it out after another five months of investigations…

  • Did You Know That Taking A Picture May Wipe More Memories Than….

    According to a new research paper published in the United States, taking pictures of everything that you deem interesting can help you remember important moments and details but it could also have the completely opposite effect.

    The study, published earlier this week in the journal “Psychological Science”, presented the results of an interesting experiment. The scientist Linda Henkel from the Fairfield University organized an experiment in which half of the participants were given instructions just to observe the exponents in a museum and take notes. The other half were to use their cameras to snap photos of the items in the exhibition. The memory of the participants was tested the very next day.
    As it turned out the participants that took photographs were less accurate in their memory of details than those who were merely observing the items.
    According to Henkel this is called the “photo-taking impairment effect” which is responsible for the negative impact that constantly taking photographs of important moments has on our lives. The reliance of technology to remember for us and the lack of need to remember the details ourselves could potentially make us less happy about our lives as well.

  • Did You Know That A Young programmer offered a homeless man the choice between $100 cash …

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – that’s the quote that inspired the 23-year-old programmer Patrick McConlogue to make a one-of-a-kind offer to a homeless stranger who was living on the streets of New York City.
    McConlogue approached the 37-year-old Leo Grand in late August this year and told him he could give him a 100$ bill now or provide him with lessons in computer programming for two months. Luckily, the homeless Grand chose the second option and now almost 5 months later he is about to launch his first mobile application called “Trees for Cars”. The app itself provides easy, environmentally considered carpool solutions to its users.

    The unconventional pair began meeting for an hour a day and conducted the lessons outdoors near Chelsea Piers where Grand liked to sleep. McConlogue provided his new pupil with a used Chromebook personal laptop and a couple of coding text books.
    Eventually, as the weather became colder McConlogue received an unexpected support by his boss who was also the founder of Princeton Review, John Katzman. He allowed both of them to work full time on their mobile app and use the equipment in the New York’s office of the search engine company “Noodle”.
    After 5 months of hard learning, dedication and a few thousand lines of code, Leo Grand now enjoys the fruit of his labor. The project won thousands of supporters and the app is now live on the app stores as well as for android users. Grand is now inspired that his future is brighter than before and he hopes that thanks to his new skills he will be able to secure a job as a computer programmer.

  • WTF

  • Did you know that UK thief stole lottery tickets worth £240 and won…

    Sometimes life plays unbelievable games of irony on us. And a UK thief recently learned it the hard way.

    Joshua Dickins, an 18 year old from unfortunate guy from Basingstoke, UK, started working at a One Stop store, but messed up badly after finding an extremely stupid alternative to paying his bills the usual way. Dickins thought he could hit it off with the national lottery, so he stole scratch cards and lottery tickets worth £240 (nearly $400). However, his plan backfired on him after he realized he won only £15 from the tickets. And as if his luck wasn’t bad enough, his own grandmother had to bust him out of jail. Overall, he ended up with a £175 charge, 6 moth long community work and a headline in the news. Way to go!
    Think about Dickins’ misfortune next time you’re about to put your faith and money into lottery tickets.

  • Did You Know That A Cop Gave A $100 To A Man He Pulled Over Because…

    Usually, when a police officer makes you pull over for something you obviously did wrong is never good news. Especially, in the case when you have an expired registration sticker on your vehicle you are literally asking the authorities to write you a ticket.
    This is exactly what happened to a 25-year old individual named Hayden Carlo from Plano, Texas. One day he god pulled over by a police officer and was just about to receive a fine before something truly unexpected occurred.

    Hayden Carlo is a person who is struggling to pay the bills to support his wife and two children. He explained to the cop that he didn’t renew his car registration because he had to make a tough choice. Either feed his kids waiting for him at home or pay for the car bills. There was no other explanation why he hadn’t done it except that he was broke. When the officer heard his story he was obviously moved as he handed Carlo a citation with a $100 bill inside it. When the 25-year-old man opened up the citation he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    The police officer wanted to remain anonymous but his act of kindness will be recognized by his colleagues at the station. Mr. Carlo on the other hand was able to update both his and his wife’s registrations and is currently employed at a new job that helps support his family.

  • A very strange addiction: Woman can’t stop sniffing and chewing urine-soaked nappies

    If you’re struggling to break free from a coffee-fuelled caffeine boost in the morning, spare a thought for this young woman.
    Keyshia from Queens, New York, has become addicted to sniffing and chewing on urine-soaked diapers and says ‘the more pee the better’.

    The 22-year-old hoards dirty nappies from both friends and strangers and takes them with her everywhere she goes.
    ‘I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I’m cooking in the kitchen, I have one in my drawers, I have one when I’m sleeping, I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book ,’ she explains enthusiastically.
    ‘You know when you’re walking into a room and you smell a strong smell like food and you kind of taste it? That’s what it’s like.
    ‘The heavier ones that have more pee smell better.’

  • Did you know that a married couple is letting the Internet choose a baby…

    The Internet can be useful when it comes to finding information on various topics. And apparently, one of those topics is: How to name my unborn daughter?

    Stephen McLaughlin shocked the world when he set up His website is a platform for other Internet users, which are willing to participate in a good cause and help Stephen and his wife decide how to name their upcoming baby girl. The website allows Internet users to place suggestions and to vote for the already submitted suggestions. Participants can choose first and middle names for the baby girl, who is expected at the beginning of April 2014. So far the winning first name is Amelia and the middle name with most votes is “All-Spark”. Of course, some users have decided to joke with the ridiculous idea – they’ve suggested names such as Cthulhu, Megatron and Amy Pond.
    Stephen and his wife, however, have the rights on the final say about the baby’s name. According to Stephen himself, they don’t want to name their daughter WackyTaco692. Let’s just hope Cthulhu doesn’t win the poll.

  • Did you know that a man dumped a GPS device so that his wife would stop…

    Marriages can be hard. And they can be extremely annoying when your beloved wife decide to put a tracking device on you.

    A photograph of a white GPS device became an instant hit among Internet users after it was uploaded to Imgur and discussed on Reddit. The photograph showed a handwritten note attached to the GPS, which clearly states one thing – his previous owner was extremely terrified by his wife. The note said that the man was leaving behind the tracking device so that his wife wouldn’t be able to follow him around. The man’s message stated that whoever found the GPS could keep it as their own as long as they take it far away from him.
    One Internet user suggested it would be a great idea to attach the GPS to a stray cat, so that the woman would start wondering why her husband is lurking around dark alleys, backyards and dumpsters.

  • Did you know that Ireland’s resolution to the unemployment issue is to ask unemployed people to…

    The unemployment issue seems to affect numerous countries. And sometimes the government of those countries would take measures against the unemployment. However, Ireland’s measures are far from anything anyone has ever seen before.

    According to a PBS Newshour report, the issue has become such a big deal among the Irish that their government can’t handle it anymore. So instead of trying to find a reasonable solution, they’ve done the most ridiculous one anyone could imagine – ask the unemployed people to leave the country. That’s right, around 6,000 people have received letters regarding their unemployed status. The official letters aren’t telling them to leave the country bluntly, but authorities aren’t beating about the bush either. The letters are simply suggesting that the unemployed people should find a job in other European countries.
    Reports state that one in every four Irish residents under the age of 25 is unemployed. However, it seems like many young people are leaving the country as it is, so the government could have avoided ending up in the news if they had kept their mouths shut.

  • Did you know that construction workers cemented a car on a pavement after the owner…

    Getting your vehicle snatched by thieves or by the authorities is a nasty business. But when it comes to having an argument with construction workers, they can be much more difficult to handle.

    Mark Drummond owned a VW Caddy. He had displayed his vehicle on a pavement in in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. However, he had to remove the car so that construction workers could maintain the pavement. Mr. Drummond, who is actually listed as the last but one owner, told the cement company’s owner, Celso Antonio de Faria, that he wouldn’t remove the vehicle and that Faria wasn’t allowed to even touch it. Of course, that meant that the workers wouldn’t be able to carry out their duties. Thus, when towing workers were sent to remove the car from the display, they were shocked by the car’s state of condition – it was cemented to the pavement!
    According to Mr. Drummond, the pavement had been displaying various vehicles for the past 20 years. However, that didn’t seem to stop the construction workers from doing what they had to do – fixing the pavement.

  • Stunning Storm Over Texas!


    This picture terrifies me. I do not want to see two lines never. What kind of human being has decided to share this terrible information. I won’t be able to sleep now. I feel the urge to go and buy some tests. At the same time I’m not sure I have the guts to make one. Like pregnancy tests weren’t terrible before.

  • Did You Know That Scientists Invented A Device That Can Detect Disease By A Single….

    In June 2013 scientists based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) were able to create a prototype of a groundbreaking innovative device. Their next generation pocket-sized piece of equipment is capable of detecting the presence of diseases or viruses in the human body by simply scanning a drop of liquid as well as blood.

    The researchers are professor Reginald Farrow and his colleague Alokik Kanwal. Alongside their team both professors used special miniscule sensors which could correctly measure in a noninvasive and quick manner the electrical charge of mobile single cells contained in any liquid, especially in blood. The cells have unique electrical signatures which could be detected and based on their properties a variety of diseases and viruses could be discovered before they even develop.
    Their research and subsequent experiments were initially funded by the military in order to identify chemical and biological weapons . However, professor Farrow believes that the applications of the prototype could go beyond what was initially planned. He thinks that in the near decade we will be able to successfully detect bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. The device could potentially even measure the quality of our brain neurons. The researchers are convinced that their invention would change a lot for human kind in terms of disease prevention and life expectancy.

  • Did you know that a child only displaying redeye in one eye in a photograph, should be immediately checked ..

    Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that affects immature retinal cells. It is the most common type of tumor that affects children’s eyes.

    This dangerous condition has some signs that symbolize its appearance and development. The most common signs include abnormal pupils, also called cat’s eye reflex, irritated and reddish eyes, delayed development of the suffering children, characteristic squint that make the child looks cross-eyed, etc.
    If your child’s one eye appears red in photographs, this could also be an indication for retinoblastoma, so it is recommended to consult a doctor if you have noticed this phenomenon.
    The white eye sign is another common indication about the disease but its presence doesn’t necessarily mean the disease is present. The white eye can also be caused by bad reflection of light or by other health conditions, including Coats’ disease.
    Retinoblastoma is diagnosed after special examination done under anesthetic.

  • Did you know that an Australian man needed medical help after he failed in trying to vacuum out

    Cockroaches are probably one of the nastiest creatures on the planet. They are repulsive, they carry disease and their survival skills are legendary. According to some reports, cockroach colonies can survive even radioactive radiation.

    A man from Darwin, Australia, identified as Hendrik Helmer, recently appeared on the news after he had an awful encounter with a cockroach. Helmer woke up and realized he had something stuck in his ear. He tried to vacuum out the unidentified foreign body with the help of water and a vacuum cleaner. However, it only infuriated the creature, so Helmer rushed to see a doctor at a local hospital. The doctors realized the foreign body in the man’s ear was a 2cm long cockroach. Allegedly, they spent quite some time trying to get the insect out of Helmer’s ear.

    Eventually the medics were able to pull out the insolent insect using undisclosed methods.

  • Did you know that a man divorced his wife because she gave a….

    The divorce rates in Saudi Arabia are increasing rapidly. And even though it’s hard to put our fingers on the most common reason for the high divorce rates, it can safely be said that this one is quite an unusual reason for a divorce.

    An unnamed woman from Saudi Arabia published a picture of herself while she was giving a kiss to a horse during a trip at a farm near Riyadh. After her husband saw the photograph on her page on a social networking website, he was so infuriated with her that he demanded a divorce. Whether it was jealousy or something else, the two divorced short after.
    However, the woman didn’t seem to mind. She told the press that she was and will not be ashamed of the photograph, since she has a strong love for Arabic horses. Furthermore, she even stated that she’s glad her marriage ended since she didn’t want to be in any sort of relationship with a person who couldn’t distinguish animals and humans from one another.

  • Did you know that the guy named Batman bin Suparman turned out to be just a…

    Several years ago a man from Singapore became an Internet celebrity after his ID card flashed on the Internet. His name allegedly means Batman, son of Suparman. He even has his own Facebook fan page with more than 11,000 likes. However, as it turns out, it’s hard to live up to your name’s expectations.

    The 23 year old Batman bin Suparman was arrested earlier this year for robbing a store. He was caught on surveillance video and the stolen goods were estimated to cost around $400. However, it wasn’t until earlier this month when the man was sentenced to 3 years behind bars. Apart from robbing a store, Batman allegedly robbed his own brother. The man stole his sibling’s ATM card and went on a shopping spree, which caused his brother around $680. And if that’s not shocking enough, Batman also pleaded guilty for ther undisclosed thefts and for consuming illegal substances.
    According to some of his fans on Facebook, this man couldn’t be their Batman. However, according to others, somebody has to break him free from jail.

  • Did You Know That Fats From Junk Food Trigger The Brain To ….

    A new scientific breakthrough has been made during an experiment involving lab rats. The scientists were able to discover all the disastrous negative effects junk food has on our brain activity. After regular consumption of junk food your brain and body get so used to this particular type of unhealthy food and the addictive ingredients contained in it that changing your diet could become an impossible goal for you to accomplish.

    The researchers found out that the mice which were fed with highly caloric and sugar rich food exhibited more symptoms of withdrawal when the food was cut off, in comparison to the ones who were fed with healthy nutritional snacks.
    All in all, the unhealthy junk food diet changes the chemical balance in your brains with a very lasting effect. Originally these chemicals are responsible for triggering conditions associated with depression and other anxiety disorders.

  • Faith in humanity restored

  • Did You Know That A Scottish Boy Claims To Have Memories Of His Past….

    Many philosophers and scientists throughout the centuries have attempted to understand whether reincarnation is possible or not. Here is the case of a boy named Cameron Macaulay from Glasgow, Scotland who baffled everyone.

    Since the early age of 2 the boy began talking about his mysterious former life on the island of Barra, located 200 miles off the west coast of Scotland. When Cameron started telling in detail about his previous life, the stories and the facts he mentioned just piled up. They did not subside as he was growing up. He talked about his former family living in a big white house on the beach as well as a black-and-white dog they owned. Cameron even had recollections of his father’s image and name, Shane Robertson. Cameron said Shane got killed in a car accident.
    When Cameron grew older he began experiencing great distress and really missed living on the Barra island. Eventually, his 42-year-old mother decided to take him there. Once the family reached the island they were able to find a big white house owned by the Robertsons as well as photographs of a big black-and-white dog. Although no one had any idea who Shane was, Cameron was able to navigate himself through the big white house and point out all its features.
    Cameron’s story is one of the most well documented cases of reincarnation in history.

  • Did You Know That Scientists Lit A Cave Of Natural Gas In 1971 Expecting It To Burn Out In A Few Days But……

    One of the most peculiar man-made craters exist nowadays in the city of Dervaza in the Ahal province of Turkmenistan. The extraordinary site could be reached by driving 160 miles to the middle of the Karakum desert, north from the capital city Ashgabat.
    This is where Soviet scientists initiated the exploitation of the natural gas-rich area. In 1971 they set up oil rigs and other drilling equipment to effectively harvest the rich gas fields beneath. Unfortunately, the drilling became so excessive that eventually the ground beneath started to collapse. There were no casualties from the accident but all the equipment and the scientists camp were lost and buried beneath the ground which formed a large crater about 230 feet in diameter.

    Afterwards there were immense quantities of released methane gas into the atmosphere which turned out to be a huge environmental problem for the local population. The scientists then decided against extracting the gas from underneath which would have involved using extremely expensive methods. Instead, they chose to just light it on fire and burn it off believing the burning process would take no more than a few days. As it soon turned out they were very wrong. They created an eternally burning crater which melts mud and spits orange flames.
    The crater, which was later called the “Door To Hell”, became a major tourist attraction in Turkmenistan and today, over 40 years since it was first lit, it still continues to burn.

  • Did You Know That A Teen Won $82,000 After Clearing Up His Bedroom And Finding …

    The 19-year-old British supermarket employee Ryan Kitchin recently made a unique discovery among the clutter inside his messy room.
    Ryan lives with his parents in Penicuik, Midlothian, UK and his mother was constantly badgering him to tidy up his room for about 2 weeks before the teen finally devoted himself to actually doing it. When Ryan finally won the battle with his procrastination, he received a little more than he bargained for.

    Among the dirty socks and underwear piled up beside his bed, he discovered a lottery ticket which was far more exciting than a forgotten about video game. At first Ryan thought of throwing it away with the rest of the junk he already had bagged up but then told himself that it would do him no harm to check the numbers just in case.
    When he got out of the house he went to the nearest lottery kiosk and checked his ticket. What the woman behind the counter told him truly shocked Ryan. He had won big.
    Ryan won the equivalent of $82,025 and is now one lucky teenager. However, despite his winning Ryan is not particularly happy about the fact that his mother is always right.

  • Did You Know That Taking A Picture May Wipe More Memories Than….

    According to a new research paper published in the United States, taking pictures of everything that you deem interesting can help you remember important moments and details but it could also have the completely opposite effect.

    The study, published earlier this week in the journal “Psychological Science”, presented the results of an interesting experiment. The scientist Linda Henkel from the Fairfield University organized an experiment in which half of the participants were given instructions just to observe the exponents in a museum and take notes. The other half were to use their cameras to snap photos of the items in the exhibition. The memory of the participants was tested the very next day.
    As it turned out the participants that took photographs were less accurate in their memory of details than those who were merely observing the items.
    According to Henkel this is called the “photo-taking impairment effect” which is responsible for the negative impact that constantly taking photographs of important moments has on our lives. The reliance of technology to remember for us and the lack of need to remember the details ourselves could potentially make us less happy about our lives as well.

  • Did you know that a man from Russia ate his ex……

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Those crazy Russians”? Well, it will certainly come to your mind after you read about this Russian man’s arrest story.

    If you’re living in Russia, you have to register your address. In case your address is permanent, you’ll receive a stamp in your internal passport by Russian authorities. An unnamed man from Nizhny Novgorod decided to make a DIY attempt to remove that stamp in order to expressively show his ex-wife that she no longer had the right to live in their home. During the couple’s fight, the man tore out the page with the stamp from his ex-wife’s passport and ate it in front of her eyes. Allegedly, police officers were also present during the scene, since they had already arrived in the home in order to settle down the domestic house rumpus.
    The man was arrested and charged with an assault, a threatening behavior and destruction of official documents. His charges sent him straight to jail for up to one year behind steel bars.

  • Did you know that a US man called 911 to report that there was a snoring woman…

    When it comes to our beds, we tend to be quite picky and touchy. We’re concerned about our sheets’ fabric and color, about the fact that our pets tend to snuggle between them and about whom we share our beds with. And when the person next to us is snoring extremely loudly, the situation can get less than flattering.

    Last month a US man called 911 in order to report a loud snorer sleeping in his bed. Ben Duddles from Wisconsin, who was allegedly drunk, woke up in his bed next to unknown woman, who was snoring “like a train”. The man called the emergency services and told the police that there was a stranger in his bed, who was disturbing his sleep and he wanted to get her out of his home. Police officers arrived and took the woman out of Duddles’ home without charging him for the call or for wasting their time.
    Reportedly, the man apologized for misusing the 911 line after his sobered up.

  • Baatara gorge waterfall

    The waterfall drops 255 metres (837 ft) into the Baatara Pothole.

  • Worlds smallest poisonous frog

  • The teenager girl who wanted to go to her homecoming dance and died 3 days later.

    Brett Marie Christian, 15, had leukemia and the prognosis wasn't good. She was dying, but before she died, she wanted one last dance but she was too sick to go to the Homecoming Dance. So her classmates made her last wish come true and brought the dance to her. That's how Palmyra High's homecoming came early that year at the Monarch in Lincoln, where people go to die. She wore a pink dress and her hair in curls. She had a manicure and a pedicure. Her date bought her a corsage and a necklace, too. Brett and Treyton Carter danced the first dance in the commons room, with 50 or more of their classmates who were dressed for a party. 

    Miss Christian was crowned homecoming queen on a Saturday night and died three days later with her family all around. There were lots of things the high school sophomore knew she'd miss. Getting married, having kids, growing old .But she wanted one last dance.

  • Take a picture, not a trophy. This is how real men shoot animals...

  • Glowing Firefly Squids

    In Japan, you can find Glowing Firefly Squids. They glow as they are pushed to the shore's edge.

  • "Road To Nowhere - Supermoon"

    "Road To Nowhere - Supermoon" - Supermoon rises over this road to nowhere in eastern South Dakota.

    Photo by: Aaron J. Groen

  • The Metallica's are legends

  • How would you like to grow into a tree after you die?

    This is a Bios Urn, a completely biodegradable urn that contains a single tree seed. When planted, the tree seed is nourished by and absorbs the nutrients from the ashes. The urn itself is made from coconut shell and contains compacted peat and cellulose. The ashes are mixed with this, and the seed placed inside. You can even choose which type of tree you'd like to grow! 

    So which would you prefer; leaving behind a tree or a tombstone?

  • Amazing Act by a Dog

    For the past 7 years, a dog named Capitán has slept on the grave of his owner every night. His owner, Miguel Guzmán died in 2006 and Capitán disappeared shortly after the family attended the funeral services. They searched everywhere and put out flyers to try and find him. But no one had seen him. 

    A week later, some people who were at the cemetery late one evening spotted Capitán laying on a grave and they contacted the grounds keeper at the cemetery. The cemetery notified the family who promptly came to pick him up and take him home. 

    But each night he would cry and scratch frantically at the door to go out and he wouldn't return home until morning. It was later discovered that Capitán would walk the 3 miles back to the cemetery each night to guard his master's grave. 

    It has been nearly 7 years now. The cemetary does not close the gates until he arrives each night promptly at 6 pm. He sleeps there all night guarding the grave until the grounds keeper opens the gate in the morning.

  • Crazy wooden cabinet

    This wooden cabinet was intricately carved to look like a digital glitch. Made by Ferruccio Laviani.

  • Native American farmer grows amazing multi-coloured corn.

    The crop originates from Oklahoma, where part-Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes had the idea of gathering colourful ears of corn and breeding them together. As the years went on, he managed to produce corn displaying dozens of different colours on a single cob.

  • Ice Bubbles

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