• Biggest crocodile ever!!

    Humans are usually predators, but we can be prey. The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at a rapid rate, and called in the army, which shot a 7 m, 1200 Kg crocodile.


    1. have you guys heard about lolong?

      and that photo is not valid that's just because of the perspective of the camera angle..

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      All - sorry, I can't help do the grammar trolling thing. nothing personal, just a joke.

      Anyway, Chuck is correct, although bear in mind Chuck, Wikipedia isn't the greatest reference. I do believe the stats are correct on Lolong, but it was the largest in captivity and doesn't necessarily represent a valid statistic for gators in the wild. Just sayin'

      The alligator in the picture was killing cattle, but there were no reports of human casualties. It's estimated that it was about 16 feet long; which is still quite large and deadly.

      The Nigerian army wasn't called in to dispatch the beast, but it was taken by a gentleman named Steve Curle. He assists the government is dealing with problem animals in communities and preserves.

      I didn't find anything on Snopes, but I did find it on Hoax Slayer. I did put in a request on the Snopes website to investigate it. They go to great lengths to sort these things out.

      Again all, nothing personal, just doing some homework because I was curious and figured I share.



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