• Giant piranha

    Fisherman Catches A 'Giant Piranha' 

    (Goliath tiger fish) Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” has made the catch of the century on a stretch of the River Congo. This prehistoric looking creature is 5 feet long and weights approximately 100 pounds (more than 50 kg) but what shocks us the most, are this giant piranha’s teeth, 32 razor-sharp teeth to be more exact. 

    The amazing size of these fangs is mostly common in great white sharks, so if you were thinking small piranhas are dangerous and creepy, think again, cause this monster exists for real, and it’s got the teeth of a shark. Fortunately, they only live in a remote part of Africa along the Congo River, a place which is very hard to reach for outsiders, and even for the locals.


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