• Did You Know Once Jackie Chan Picked Up A Fight With Bruce Lee

    The “fight”, as the media calls it, wasn’t exactly an actual fight. While Bruce Lee was filming “Enter the Dragon” in the 1970s, Jackie Chan had a minor role as a guard during an underground battle scene. His character’s neck gets snapped by Lee’s character in the final cut of the movie. 

    While filming on the set Lee hit Chan’s head accidently and Chan felt awful. Chan later told the media this amusing fact. He also added that acting opposite his idol had been a great honor for him. 

    Of course, it wasn’t an actual fight, but it’s safe to say Lee won. However, if it was to come to a collision in a real life battle, a fight between the two best martial arts legends would be a real challenge. Let’s not forget these two have deadly skills both on and off the silver screen.


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