• Giant Asian Hornets are killing people

    Giant Asian hornets are reportedly plaguing central China. When disturbed the unusually large bugs, scientifically referred to as Vespa mandarinia, are capable of chasing people for miles and stinging them multiple times. The hornets are described as abnormally large and extremely venomous : their stings can easily cause severe health damage such as kidney failure or anaphylactic shock.

    According to the media, 28 people have passed away after being stung by the giant insects and hundreds have been hospitalized after suffering serious injuries. The Asian hornet’s stinger is reportedly more than a quarter-inch long which enables the venom to penetrate into the human body faster than a regular wasp sting.

    However, there are plenty of other stinging insects capable of doing serious damage. Killer bees have been regularly reported to take human lives as well as kill large animals such as horses. An invasive species which can be found in Texas and other southern states, the Crazy ants, or Raspberry ants, are known to destroy electrical wiring and be able to withstand conventional pesticides.


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