• Did you know that construction workers cemented a car on a pavement after the owner…

    Getting your vehicle snatched by thieves or by the authorities is a nasty business. But when it comes to having an argument with construction workers, they can be much more difficult to handle.

    Mark Drummond owned a VW Caddy. He had displayed his vehicle on a pavement in in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. However, he had to remove the car so that construction workers could maintain the pavement. Mr. Drummond, who is actually listed as the last but one owner, told the cement company’s owner, Celso Antonio de Faria, that he wouldn’t remove the vehicle and that Faria wasn’t allowed to even touch it. Of course, that meant that the workers wouldn’t be able to carry out their duties. Thus, when towing workers were sent to remove the car from the display, they were shocked by the car’s state of condition – it was cemented to the pavement!
    According to Mr. Drummond, the pavement had been displaying various vehicles for the past 20 years. However, that didn’t seem to stop the construction workers from doing what they had to do – fixing the pavement.


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