• Did you know that Ireland’s resolution to the unemployment issue is to ask unemployed people to…

    The unemployment issue seems to affect numerous countries. And sometimes the government of those countries would take measures against the unemployment. However, Ireland’s measures are far from anything anyone has ever seen before.

    According to a PBS Newshour report, the issue has become such a big deal among the Irish that their government can’t handle it anymore. So instead of trying to find a reasonable solution, they’ve done the most ridiculous one anyone could imagine – ask the unemployed people to leave the country. That’s right, around 6,000 people have received letters regarding their unemployed status. The official letters aren’t telling them to leave the country bluntly, but authorities aren’t beating about the bush either. The letters are simply suggesting that the unemployed people should find a job in other European countries.
    Reports state that one in every four Irish residents under the age of 25 is unemployed. However, it seems like many young people are leaving the country as it is, so the government could have avoided ending up in the news if they had kept their mouths shut.


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