• Did you know that a man dumped a GPS device so that his wife would stop…

    Marriages can be hard. And they can be extremely annoying when your beloved wife decide to put a tracking device on you.

    A photograph of a white GPS device became an instant hit among Internet users after it was uploaded to Imgur and discussed on Reddit. The photograph showed a handwritten note attached to the GPS, which clearly states one thing – his previous owner was extremely terrified by his wife. The note said that the man was leaving behind the tracking device so that his wife wouldn’t be able to follow him around. The man’s message stated that whoever found the GPS could keep it as their own as long as they take it far away from him.
    One Internet user suggested it would be a great idea to attach the GPS to a stray cat, so that the woman would start wondering why her husband is lurking around dark alleys, backyards and dumpsters.


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