• Did you know that a man from Russia ate his ex……

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Those crazy Russians”? Well, it will certainly come to your mind after you read about this Russian man’s arrest story.

    If you’re living in Russia, you have to register your address. In case your address is permanent, you’ll receive a stamp in your internal passport by Russian authorities. An unnamed man from Nizhny Novgorod decided to make a DIY attempt to remove that stamp in order to expressively show his ex-wife that she no longer had the right to live in their home. During the couple’s fight, the man tore out the page with the stamp from his ex-wife’s passport and ate it in front of her eyes. Allegedly, police officers were also present during the scene, since they had already arrived in the home in order to settle down the domestic house rumpus.
    The man was arrested and charged with an assault, a threatening behavior and destruction of official documents. His charges sent him straight to jail for up to one year behind steel bars.


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