• Did you know that a married couple is letting the Internet choose a baby…

    The Internet can be useful when it comes to finding information on various topics. And apparently, one of those topics is: How to name my unborn daughter?

    Stephen McLaughlin shocked the world when he set up NameMyDaughter.com. His website is a platform for other Internet users, which are willing to participate in a good cause and help Stephen and his wife decide how to name their upcoming baby girl. The website allows Internet users to place suggestions and to vote for the already submitted suggestions. Participants can choose first and middle names for the baby girl, who is expected at the beginning of April 2014. So far the winning first name is Amelia and the middle name with most votes is “All-Spark”. Of course, some users have decided to joke with the ridiculous idea – they’ve suggested names such as Cthulhu, Megatron and Amy Pond.
    Stephen and his wife, however, have the rights on the final say about the baby’s name. According to Stephen himself, they don’t want to name their daughter WackyTaco692. Let’s just hope Cthulhu doesn’t win the poll.


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