• Did You Know That Scientists Invented A Device That Can Detect Disease By A Single….

    In June 2013 scientists based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) were able to create a prototype of a groundbreaking innovative device. Their next generation pocket-sized piece of equipment is capable of detecting the presence of diseases or viruses in the human body by simply scanning a drop of liquid as well as blood.

    The researchers are professor Reginald Farrow and his colleague Alokik Kanwal. Alongside their team both professors used special miniscule sensors which could correctly measure in a noninvasive and quick manner the electrical charge of mobile single cells contained in any liquid, especially in blood. The cells have unique electrical signatures which could be detected and based on their properties a variety of diseases and viruses could be discovered before they even develop.
    Their research and subsequent experiments were initially funded by the military in order to identify chemical and biological weapons . However, professor Farrow believes that the applications of the prototype could go beyond what was initially planned. He thinks that in the near decade we will be able to successfully detect bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. The device could potentially even measure the quality of our brain neurons. The researchers are convinced that their invention would change a lot for human kind in terms of disease prevention and life expectancy.


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