• Did You Know That A Scottish Boy Claims To Have Memories Of His Past….

    Many philosophers and scientists throughout the centuries have attempted to understand whether reincarnation is possible or not. Here is the case of a boy named Cameron Macaulay from Glasgow, Scotland who baffled everyone.

    Since the early age of 2 the boy began talking about his mysterious former life on the island of Barra, located 200 miles off the west coast of Scotland. When Cameron started telling in detail about his previous life, the stories and the facts he mentioned just piled up. They did not subside as he was growing up. He talked about his former family living in a big white house on the beach as well as a black-and-white dog they owned. Cameron even had recollections of his father’s image and name, Shane Robertson. Cameron said Shane got killed in a car accident.
    When Cameron grew older he began experiencing great distress and really missed living on the Barra island. Eventually, his 42-year-old mother decided to take him there. Once the family reached the island they were able to find a big white house owned by the Robertsons as well as photographs of a big black-and-white dog. Although no one had any idea who Shane was, Cameron was able to navigate himself through the big white house and point out all its features.
    Cameron’s story is one of the most well documented cases of reincarnation in history.


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