• Did you know that UK thief stole lottery tickets worth £240 and won…

    Sometimes life plays unbelievable games of irony on us. And a UK thief recently learned it the hard way.

    Joshua Dickins, an 18 year old from unfortunate guy from Basingstoke, UK, started working at a One Stop store, but messed up badly after finding an extremely stupid alternative to paying his bills the usual way. Dickins thought he could hit it off with the national lottery, so he stole scratch cards and lottery tickets worth £240 (nearly $400). However, his plan backfired on him after he realized he won only £15 from the tickets. And as if his luck wasn’t bad enough, his own grandmother had to bust him out of jail. Overall, he ended up with a £175 charge, 6 moth long community work and a headline in the news. Way to go!
    Think about Dickins’ misfortune next time you’re about to put your faith and money into lottery tickets.


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