• Did you know that a US man called 911 to report that there was a snoring woman…

    When it comes to our beds, we tend to be quite picky and touchy. We’re concerned about our sheets’ fabric and color, about the fact that our pets tend to snuggle between them and about whom we share our beds with. And when the person next to us is snoring extremely loudly, the situation can get less than flattering.

    Last month a US man called 911 in order to report a loud snorer sleeping in his bed. Ben Duddles from Wisconsin, who was allegedly drunk, woke up in his bed next to unknown woman, who was snoring “like a train”. The man called the emergency services and told the police that there was a stranger in his bed, who was disturbing his sleep and he wanted to get her out of his home. Police officers arrived and took the woman out of Duddles’ home without charging him for the call or for wasting their time.
    Reportedly, the man apologized for misusing the 911 line after his sobered up.


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