• Did you know that once convicts sued a jail because it didn’t live up to their high…

    Usually when convicts are sent to jail, they are the one who are being sued, not the other way around. However, in a queer and absolutely ridiculous case the situation has been reversed.

    Allegedly three inmates filed a lawsuit against the Camden County jail in Georgia and its jailers. Ray Anthony Marsh Jr., Anthony Leroy White Sr. and Elliot Leon Williamson stated that the jail didn’t live up to their expectations. According to the criminals, the prison lacked enough staff in order to maintain the jail properly. Thus, fighting among inmates had been occurring frequently. Furthermore, they complained that instead of medical professionals, jailers were in charge of medications.
    But that’s not all! The three convicts also demanded that the jail shouldn’t be overcrowded, since it led to poor quality meals and other inconveniences such as short supplies of soap and toilet paper. The trio probably had some mental problems for filing such a lawsuit. After all, prison conditions are supposed to be awful. But the convicts probably thought they were going on a vacation at a 5-star hotel.


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