• Did you know that а prisoner on the run showed his photo on FB and…

    When police grants you home leave visits and you take it as a chance to kiss goodbye you jail cell, the best thing to do is to lay low. Instead, a 23 year old idiot decided to go partying at his favorite nightclub. Thus, evidence for his actions appeared later on the social giant Facebook.

    The 23 year old Michael McInnes was arrested back in 2010 and charged with the attempted murder of Kevin McNee. He was sentenced to 6 years behind bars, but received passes for home leave visits. The guy saw the pass as a way out and hit the road. While on the run, he decided to make a stop at his favorite club. He appeared in pictures on Facebook, which show that McInnes was clearly having fun with his friends. He was tagged on the photographs and that’s probably how the police stumbled upon them.
    The escaped inmate is described as being 6 feet tall with a star tattoo on his neck and short brown hair. The police are turning towards the masses and are asking anyone with information about McInnes to call 101.


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